Turn your old smartphone into a powerful gateway to home automation.

Adriano is the world’s first device that gives your old smartphones and tablets a second chance, making them your gateway to home automation.

Connect and control your smart devices, use their camera remotely, or interact with them through gestures – equip your old devices with superpowers!



  • Adriano turns any smartphone, tablet into the most powerful and convenient smart-home gateway on the market, capable of managing smart devices through Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols, using gestures and mobile apps.
  • It is the modular solution for energy management in your home. Adriano integrates with smart thermostats, smart thermo valves, radio-controlled light bulbs or electrical outlets to adapt your home’s temperature and electricity consumption in real time. Save up to 30 percent of household consumption.
  • Personal care and health monitoring, Adriano integrates with health monitoring tools, such as S1MPL0 Smartwatch, and in case of abnormalities can send alert messages and activate telemedicine services.
  • Adriano can be combined with motion sensors at doors and windows and using the camera of smartphones and tablets turn into a handy camera to monitor your home at all times.
  • Adriano is eco-friendly. It is composed largely of recycled and eco-friendly material. It avoids waste by reviving your old smartphones and tablets. It helps you with energy management, reducing waste.