Carepet is the project designed to give a voice to our four-legged friends. By collecting data on heart rate, respiration, sleep, and environmental information such as temperature and humidity, we obtain a complete picture of our pets’ habits. This data allows us to identify mobility issues, monitor cardiac conditions, and detect nocturnal itching episodes. The information gathered through the dedicated app and real-time monitoring are valuable tools to share with the veterinarian for prompt feedback. Additionally, they can be shared with 24/7 telephone veterinary assistance services for the swift protection of our beloved pets. Discover how Carepet enhances the lives of your domestic animals.


Heartbeat and breath

Monitor your pet’s heart rate and respiration every day.

Sleep quality

Monitor your pet’s sleep quality every day.

Daily monitoring

Check your pet’s health and track your pet’s activity or sedentary lifestyle.

Real-time data

You have real-time data available to check whenever you want.

Veterinary Connection

It has a veterinary connection to check your pet’s post-operative period.

Easily washable

Thanks to the removable fabric, it will be easy to wash the cover by hand or in the washing machine

I vostri feedback

“È fantastico tenere traccia dell’attività del mio cane. Non mi preoccupo più se è troppo attivo o pigro. Con un clic ho la sua salute sotto controllo.”

— Jennifer Williams, mamma di un cane

“Che tappeto fantastico! È un modo innovativo per monitorare la salute del mio cane 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7. Grazie!”

— Andrew Stone, papà di un cane

Connect your Carəpet with the S1MPL0 APP

Download S1MPL0 app from Google play or Apple store, register and connect your Carepet to monitor your PET and connect with a veterinarian in real time.

Carepet for veterinarians

There is also a version of Carepet dedicated to veterinary clinics, allowing the monitoring of post-operative recovery in animals. This version provides a dashboard that enables veterinarians to simultaneously monitor the vital signs of all animals undergoing surgery present in the clinic.