Proudly designed and manufactured in Italy

Transform your old smartphone or tablet into a smart home gateway with adriano!

Save energy, monitor your home and streamline operations with Adriano. Contribute to waste and CO2 emission reduction. Join us to enhance your home automation and make your home smarter with Adriano.


Recycle old phones

Reuse your old smartphone and connect it to ADRIANO to have a smart home.


Made with recycled Tetra Pak. By using old smartphones, it can reduce electronic waste and CO2 emissions.

Data protection and security

ADRIANO features an onboard microchip that encrypts data and ensures privacy at a hardware level.

Gesture control

ADRIANO is equipped with a laser for control through hand movements.

Live streaming

Transform smartphone cameras into smart cameras, creating a small security system with video surveillance.

Easy to use

Through its app and voice control, Adriano effortlessly manages all connected devices. You can create rules and usage scenarios.

Protect the planet every day

Only in Europe there are over 700 million unused smartphones and tablets sitting in drawers.

If we extended the lifespan of these devices by just one year, we could reduce CO2 emissions by over 30 million tons. Furthermore, by using Adriano, we could reduce household energy consumption related to electricity and heating by over 30%.

In short, with Adriano, we could achieve a significant reduction in atmospheric CO2 emissions.

Extends the life of old phones and tablets

Reduces household consumption by 30%

Recycled tetrapak shell (ecoallene)

Packaging made by recycled material

Customize your ADRIANO kit to meet your needs

Kit examples

Elderly Care &
Safe and Security

  • Adriano
  • Water Leak
  • SOS button
  • Door sensor
  • Smart bulb
  • Sleep belt Monitoring
  • Smoke sensor

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Smart Home & Energy

  • Adriano
  • Wallplug con Energy monitoring
  • TRV
  • Presence sensor
  • Smart bulb

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Smart Working 1

  • Adriano
  • RGB bulb
  • Air quality sensor
  • Multi sensor

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Salute e Benessere

  • Adriano
  • S1mpl0 Smart watch
  • Servizi di telemedicina

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Holiday Home &
Van Life

  • Adriano
  • Multi sensor
  • Door sensor
  • Indoor Siren
  • CO2 sensor

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Smart Working 2

  • Adriano
  • Air quality sensor
  • Sirena
  • CO2 sensor
  • Multi sensor

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CES Innovation
Awards 2022

Adriano has won the Innovation Awards at CES 2022 in Las Vegas!
This prestigious recognition highlights the innovation and excellence of Adriano as a cutting-edge solution for home automation. Our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality products has led us to achieve this significant milestone.


Adriano takes its name from Adriano Olivetti,
a visionary entrepreneur who left an indelible mark on the history of technological and social innovations.
As the founder of the Olivetti company, Olivetti introduced significant innovations in the field of typewriters and computing, emphasizing the importance of design combined with functionality.
Furthermore, Adriano Olivetti promoted innovative corporate policies that emphasized worker participation and well-being.

Domethics draws inspiration from him not only for his attention to technological innovation but also for the importance he placed on social innovation, promoting equity and well-being within companies.

Connect your adriano with the s1mplo app

Download S1MPL0 app from Google play or Apple store, register and connect your Adriano to enjoy the experience of a connected home and value-added services such as telemedicine, online concierge, psychological consulting and much more.

About Adriano

Yes, because what appears to be a paradox, that is, an award for the recovery of old devices awarded by the world’s most important hi-tech fair, is actually a growing trend.

— WIRED “Special Issue No. 100: The 100 Technologies with Which We Are Building Tomorrow