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Track your Pet's

Pamper your pet in the convenience of your own home or remotely with our high-functioning Carpet. 

Your pet deserves it!
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Why choose Carəpet?

Monitors your pet’s heartbeat, breathing, and quality of rest.
Tracks your pet's activity or sedentariness.
Easily washable.
Transmits data in real time.
Has a veterinary connection to check your pet's post-surgery period.
Alert analysis.

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Sleep quality

Keep track of your pet's sleep quality daily.


Monitor your pet's heartbeat every day.

Daily monitoring

Let checking in on your pet be your new daily routine.

real time data

Have real-time data to check whenever you want.

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What is Carəpet?

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Your Feedbacks

"What an amazing carpet! It is an innovative way to monitor my dog's health 24/7. Thank you!"

- Andrew Stone, Dog dad

“It’s great to track my dog’s activity. I don’t worry anymore if he’s either too active or lazy. I have his health under control with a click.”

- Jennifer Williams, Dog mom

Comfortable, gentle, loving, and careful.

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Domethics © 2023 – Company Information